Finding a sitter for your feline or canine can be difficult when you have an upcoming business trip. You don’t have to rely on your friends or family to care for your beloved pet with boarding services from Yorkshire Animal Hospital in East York, Pennsylvania.

Your Source for Professional Pet Boarding

Pet owners throughout the area have made our animal hospital their source for pet boarding services for more than six decades. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide heat to keep your pet cozy during the frigid winter months, and air conditioning to keep your pet cool and comfortable as the mercury rises.

Additionally, the large fenced in area provides ample space for your beloved animal companion to run, play, and exercise during their stay. Both canines and felines are welcome, and we even welcome larger breeds.

Grooming Your Pet

Your pet receives quality care at our pet boarding facility while you are away on business or on vacation. We even groom and pamper them so they look their best when you return.

Peace of Mind

You can find peace of mind while you are away, knowing your pet receives the care they need with our professional pet boarding services. In addition, our pet boarding facility has vets on location to help your pet, should any problems arise.

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